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Special Cleaning Tips for Christmas

Christmas means Family

Family means large messes

To help tackle the Holiday mess here are some of our favorite cleaning tips!!

When cleaning it can become a task that seems never ending so try these out this Christmas before and after the family and friends share in the Holiday Spirit in your home.

1. It is always helpful to have more then one person tackle the cleaning list. Not only does it get done faster but it can be fun too! So turn on some good tunes and start cleaning:)

2. Never bother cleaning what your friends and family won't see. Don't waste your valuable time cleaning the top of your fridge and the top of any furniture in which your tallest friend or family member can see. (Unless of course you hire someone to do it for you;)

3. Pick one room at a time to clean, if you find items that belong in another room then place then in a container to take to the other rooms as you go to them to clean. Don't waste time running around trying to put everything away. You will only drive yourself crazy!!

4. When it comes to where to spend the majority of your time cleaning tackle these main areas:

a) Living Room Floors

b) Kitchen Counters

c) Bathroom Toilet and Counters

These are the main noticeably dirty places.

5. Enjoy yourself. Don't sweat the small things this Season, Enjoy your family and friends and Smile!!!!

Christmas is a joyous time so take some time to cherish your loved ones! Whether it be a nice night out with a loved one or a night in watching a movie. Remember you can always call US to tackle the mess for you:)

Merry Christmas!! And Happy New Year!!

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