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Fall Cleaning Tricks!

Saving Time while cleaning:

To save time while cleaning any room start with placing all objects that do not belong in the room you are cleaning into a box or tub. Place aside while you clean and then place objects where they belong. This will prevent any distractions.

Homemade Window Cleaner:

For a homemade window cleaner mix 4 tablespoons lemon with a half gallon of water.

Saving money by not throwing away Sponges:

Place used sponge in microwave for two minutes to sanitize. Then continue using!

Hard Water stains:

To get those tough hard water stains off of your shower doors and chrome fixtures just clean them with lemon oil. It will make the them look like new.

Using Baby Oil:

Are your old cabinets looking worn? Try rubbing baby oil on them with a microfiber rag! Really brings them back to life!!

Baby Oil also works great on removing grease from kitchen appliances!!

Garbage Disposal:

Ice cubes work great for cleaning your garbage disposal. Simply place them in disposal and turn on.

For ice removal on steps or cars:

Winter is fast approaching and we know what this means-ICE!!! Simply mix 2/3 vinegar to 1/3 warm water and spray where you need the ice to melt. Fast, cheap and EASY!

Hope these tips and tricks have found you well and come in handy for future use. Remember if you would rather not clean your own home we are ALWAYS here to help!! Have a fantastic day!!




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