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Cleaning Tips

Make Life Easier with These Cleaning Tips

  • If you are looking for an ammonia free way to clean your windows try this! Mix one gallon of water with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. Not only is it green, but it is effective!

  • Ice cubes are a great way to get rid of grease and grime in your garbage disposal. Just drop a few in and turn on the cold water and then run the garbage disposal. Also if you put a few drops of lemon juice it will help eliminate odors!

  • Use a pumice stone for hard water stains inside your toilet.

  • Use the grounds from your morning coffee to eliminate odors in the fridge by placing them in a bowl and putting inside your fridge. Replace every two months to keep it fresh.

  • Not only do microfiber rags leave a streak free shine but they are composed of tiny synthetic fibers that do all the hard work for you. So throw away your old rags and switch to the inexpensive washable microfiber rags.

  • To prevent mold build up in bathrooms remind everyone in your home to crack open the window or door to allow the heat to escape. This helps diminish the build up of humidity in the bathroom, which also prevents from having to clean your mirrors daily.

  • Create a checklist for daily cleanings to keep on track and prevent yourself from spending hours doing it all at once!

Life can be hard. Between work, children, husband, pets, and house, 24 hours in a day is clearly not enough. That is why Crystal Clean Housekeeping has decided to provide all of our followers with cleaning tips, and if that is not enough we have competitive prices that fit in anyone's budget. We want to make your life easier!

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