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Returning To School

School Is Fast Approaching!

With school fast approaching it is always a great idea to get a head start. Here are some pointers to making sure your school year starts out fresh

The school year is fast approaching and this can mean more chaos around the house. Especially for the children, during the first few weeks getting back into the routine of school and activities can prove difficult.

Here are a few pointers to begin routines now to make it easier come August.

1. Try adding a task for your children at a specified time each day.

2. Chose a bedtime that is close to their school bedtime and each week move the time back ten to fifteen minutes until you have reached their school bedtime.

3. Go school shopping at least three weeks in advance.

4. Help you child/children pack their school bags a week in advance and have them set at the front door ready to go.

5. Lay out their First Day of School outfit near their bed the night before.

6. Create a list of daily chores for your child prior to school beginning to get them back into the school year routine.

We hope you find this list helpful!

Enjoy the remainder of Summer:)

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