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Weekly Tips

Cleaning Tips Courtesy of Crystal Clean Housekeeping

Organization Tips

  • To remove clutter from your closets store unused clothing and shoes in totes marked Spring or Winter. Then when the time comes switch out your clothes and shoes. This will begin your process of removing clutter from the rest of the home:)

  • To help save space with your cleaning products try using an over the door shoe organizer to store your products in.

Garage Cleaning Tip

  • Instead of sweeping out your garage try using a leaf blower, it is faster and more effective.

Copper Cleaning Tip

  • To dissolve the tarnish on your copper appliances; Simply cover the tarnish on the copper pot or pan with Heinz Ketchup. Let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse clean.

Floor Cleaning Tip

  • For everyone who uses Swiffer floor dusters, you can use dryer sheets instead, and collect as much dust while leaving a fresh scent behind:)

We hope you enjoy the tips we provide. Sometimes having a little help saves you time, which can then be better spent with family and friends. Here at Crystal Clean Housekeeping we love to save others time:)

Have a Fantastic Fourth of July Weekend!!!

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