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Summer Cleaning Tips

Daily Cleaning Tips

Microwave Cleaning Tips

  • To clean your microwave stains, heat up a bowl of water in the microwave for 1 minute then wipe down the inside and Viola!

  • Microwaves over time tend to have a smell from all the delicious foods you heated in it To deodorize your microwave simply place a Coffee mug half full of water and two tablespoons of Coffee in the microwave for two minutes on high.

Dusting Tips

  • When you dust any room in your house, be sure to start from the top and work your way down. End with sweeping/vacuuming the mess from the floor. And Viola!

  • If you don't have swiffers handy you can use a large rubber hand to tie a rag to the brush end of your broom in order to dust the high corners of your house.

  • Using microfiber rags when dusting helps capture the tiny dust particles saving you time and energy:)

  • When cleaning windows use ammonia free glass cleaner to protect your children and pets from harmful chemicals:)

  • Pet hair can be a pain and even worse it doesn't tend to clean up easily. Try using a wet rubber dishwashing glove to wipe surfaces. This will attract the hair to the glove and not your furniture.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tip

  • We all love hardwood floors but after a lot of traffic, especially in the winter, they can begin to look dull. To bring back the shine simply add one cup of cleaning vinegar to one gallon of warm water for your next cleaning. It is wise to remove all furniture dust/vacuum floor and use a clean mop. Also be sure to let dry completely before allowing any traffic. Now sit back and admire your beautiful handiwork:)

Bathtub Cleaning Tip

  • For tough build up in bathtubs use half cut lemons to scrub the mildew away. Not only will it shine but it will be sanitized and smell divine!

  • Magic erasers work great on soap scum. To make your bathtub sparkle and shine simply wet down your magic eraser and begin scrubbing. you will notice results immediately! *For tough scum build up it may take longer*

Disposal Cleaning Tip

  • Freeze a few slices of lemons and drop a couple in your disposal before running it. The natural acids will remove the grime buildup inside the disposal as well as that horrid smell!

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